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My 14-Day Keto Experiment – Keto Diet Day Three

I’m at the end of the day three of my keto diet. I’m not feeling as well as I did on days one and two.

I think I must have the keto flu.

Read on for today’s keto diet journal and food diary. If you haven’t read about the first two days, click the buttons at the bottom of this article to see how they went.

Disclaimer: Every article on How I Lost the Weight is about ME.  I can’t tell you if a certain diet is healthy for you. Ask your doctor.

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My Two Week Keto Diet Journal – Day Three

My Keto Macros Plan

Daily target macros:

Calories – 1600

Fat – 124 grams

Protein – 70 grams

Carbs – 50 grams

Keto Weight Loss Tracker

Starting weight – 181.4

Today’s weight – 179.2

Total Weight loss – 2.2 lbs

Well, I didn’t intend to lose this quickly. It’s still mostly water, I’m sure.

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I don’t want to lose weight too quickly. The weight won’t stay off if I do. 🙁

My Keto Food Diary – Day Three

Breakfast – Two slices of thick cut bacon; 3 ounces of sharp cheddar; coffee with Califia Farms Creamer and liquid monkfruit sweetener

Lunch – Canned tuna with unsweetened mayo

Dinner – 4% cottage cheese and an avocado

Snack – No snacks today.

Actual Macros

Calories – 1769

Fat – 142g

Protein – 103g

Carbs – 28g

How I Feel on Day Three of Keto

I feel sluggish and my head feels . . .weird. I don’t know another way to explain it. Probably because my head feels weird.

Wait. Did I say that already? I’m tired.

This must be the keto flu.

I’m urinating a lot. Three times last night! I guess my body is still flushing glycogen.

I’m in a snippy mood. I miss carbs pretty badly right now.

If I can make it through the weekend I think the next ten days will be okay.

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