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My 14-Day Keto Experiment – Keto Diet Day Six

Day six of my keto diet feels smooth. In fact, I believe I hit my stride today and it feels awesome.

I pushed my first meal of the day to noon to see how far I can take intermittent fasting without feeling bad. I gave myself a seven hour feeding window, but I finished my last snack around 6:00 P.M.

Read on to see how my macros looked on my first real day of intermittent fasting.

Disclaimer: Every article on How I Lost the Weight is about ME.  I can’t tell you if a certain diet is healthy for you. Ask your doctor.

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My Two Week Keto Diet Journal – Day Six

My Keto Macros Plan

Daily target macros:

Calories – 1600

Fat – 124 grams

Protein – 70 grams

Carbs – 50 grams

Keto Weight Loss Tracker

Starting weight – 181.4

Today’s weight – 177.6

Total Weight loss – 3.8 lbs

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I’ve lost nearly four pounds in six days. I don’t think it’s water weight anymore. I never intended to lose weight this quickly, so hopefully next week my weight loss will slow down a bit.

My Keto Food Diary – Day Six

Breakfast – No breakfast. I had unsweetened coffee with heavy cream

Lunch – Four eggs scrambled in butter with parmesan cheese; mushrooms and spinach sauteed in butter

Dinner – I wasn’t hungry at dinner, so I didn’t eat

Snack – Barney’s Almond Butter; medium banana

Actual Macros

Calories – 1004

Fat – 72g

Protein – 55g

Carbs – 40g

How I Feel on Day Six of Keto

I felt great on day six of keto!

I’m pumped to wake up and not immediately feel anxious and hangry. I feel calm in the mornings now. Today I felt so at ease that I pushed my first meal of the day to noon. I felt hungry by around 11:30AM and began to prepare my lunch then.

For the first time . . . maybe ever . . . I didn’t feel ruled by food. I’m pretty sure that means I’ve broken my sugar and carb addiction.

I’m Not Eating Enough on Intermittent Fasting

I know this was only the first real day of intermittent fasting, but my macros were low. It is not my goal to cut calories so strictly, so I’ll figure out a better way to get everything in while sticking to a feeding window of about seven hours.

I already feel like I’ll keep intermittent fasting as a lifestyle even if I don’t continue keto after these two weeks.

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If I want to make it sustainable and keep my metabolism from tanking, I’ve got to find a way to eat more during my feeding window.

I Worked Out Again

Today I walked a mile at a pace of 4 mph. It’s really not my intention to have regular workouts until I get my macros to a sustainable level, but walking felt good today so I did it.

Four mph is a little fast for my short legs, so I think next time I’ll keep it at 3-3.5 mpg. Whew!

It feels good to feel good!

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