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My 14-Day Keto Experiment – Keto Diet Day Four

It’s day four of my keto diet. Do I still have the keto flu? Read on to see my macros, my food journal, and my feelings about keto today.

Disclaimer: Every article on How I Lost the Weight is about ME.  I can’t tell you if a certain diet is healthy for you. Ask your doctor.

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My Two Week Keto Diet Journal – Day Four

My Keto Macros Plan

Daily target macros:

Calories – 1600

Fat – 124 grams

Protein – 70 grams

Carbs – 50 grams

Keto Weight Loss Tracker

Starting weight – 181.4

Today’s weight – 179.2 (same as day three)

Total Weight loss – 2.2 lbs

I’m glad my weight held steady today. Maybe I’m finished losing water weight and will start losing fat now.

My Keto Food Diary – Day Four

Breakfast – Two slices of thick cut bacon; 2 eggs scrambled in butter with sharp cheddar; coffee with Califia Farms Creamer and liquid monkfruit sweetener

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Lunch – 4 oz 80/20 hamburger patty; sharp cheddar; spinach and mushrooms sauteed in butter

Dinner – Keto Shepherd’s Pie

Snack – Pecans

Actual Macros

Calories – 1971

Fat – 176g

Protein – 82g

Carbs – 20g

How I Feel on Day Four of Keto

I still feel a little slow and sluggish today. Although, my head feels better than it did yesterday.

I didn’t miss sugar in my coffee quite so much this morning so I’ll take that as a sign that I’m through the worst of my sugar withdrawal. Hopefully . . .

I ate a lot today. Definitely overshot all of my macros. I’m happy to report, though, that I don’t feel bloated or too full.

The best part about a grain-free, low carb, high fat diet has to be the freedom from difficult digestion. Even if I never lost a single pound that would make it worth doing.

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